THE LOST VISION OF THE CHANDOO PRIEST – The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest

The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest is a new music project born from the creativity and artistic union between two young musicians already known among Italian neo-progressive fans: Francesca Zanetta (Unreal City, Quel che Disse il Tuono) and Niccolò Gallani (Cellar Noise, Quel che Disse il Tuono).

Both multi-instrumentalists and especially assisted by Pietro Pellegrini – keyboardist of the legendary Alphataurus – in the recording and mixing phase of the album, the two have given life to a completely instrumental album that defies any specific labeling; with several references to the late 60s / early 70s Pink Floyd and 80s electronic music, this album finds its main sources of inspiration in the Scandinavian prog-rock and in the neo-psychedelic movement of the last two decades. Consequently, “The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest” represents a unicum, not only in the discography of its two creators, but also in the vast AMS Records catalog. Not to be missed!

Francesca Zanetta: electric guitar, electric bass, Eminent Solina, Logan String Melody II, Elka Rhapsody 490, Moog Voyager

Niccolò Davide Gallani: drums, electric bass, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes, organ, Mellotron, Elka Soloist 505, flute

Editing support: Claudio Falcone (ex-Alphataurus)

1 Floating Down the Valley 4:45
2 Chasing Time in Opposite Direction (Pt. I) 3:48
3 Entering the Void of Madness 4:48
4 The White Toad Majesty 4:48
5 Droplets 4:06
6 Chasing Time in Opposite Direction (Pt. I) 3:59
7 Getting Nowhere 3:36
8 London Underground 3:23
9 Farewell, Doc 4:12
10 Dunans Castle 3:53