PIERO UMILIANI – La morte bussa due volte

A stellar cast doesn’t always guarantee a magnificent film and, from a strictly cinematographic point of view, “La morte bussa due volte” (Death knocks twice) is one of many examples of this kind; This thriller was in fact quickly forgotten at the time (1969), despite the presence of the charismatic Adolfo Celi and the beautiful Anita Ekberg.

However, even for less ‘important’ productions, the likes of Morricone or, in this case, Piero Umiliani, were sometimes bothered: composers but also experimenters, with an unusual prolific songwriting. Here, Umiliani writes a soundtrack that mixes soul, jazz, bossa nova and lounge, which recalls the works of Henry Mancini and Quincy Jones, with a vague lighthearted and easygoing flavour, part of Umiliani’s typical trademark.

“La morte bussa due volte” was originally published on LP only in 1969 by Cinevox Record, and never in the same format until now. With AMS Records, this album finally sees the light again, with a new artwork, a gatefold cover and an extended tracklisting in comparison to the original release.


Side A:
1.Un posto per un addio
4.At present
5.Trappola sentimentale
7.My face
8.La morte bussa due volte (Versione archi e organo)
9.La morte bussa due volte (My face)
10.La morte bussa due volte (Bob and Hellen)

Side B:
11.La morte bussa due volte
14.To seek
15.Bob and Hellen
16.Un posto per un addio (Versione cantata)
17.Bob and Hellen (Versione organo)
18.La morte bussa due volte (My face, versione organo)
19.Bob and Hellen (Versione armonica)
20.La morte bussa due volte (My face, versione shake)

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