Born as a tribute band of Genesis, Pink Floyd and Supertramp, the Ligurian Nathan debuted on AMS Records with “Nebulosa” in 2016, a surprising album, the result of a real revolution within the band that led them to compose only original songs. But the group’s inspiration has not been confined to the debut record, and “Era” is here to fully demonstrate that, a further step forward in comparison to the previous work.

Nathan’s official line-up, in addition to the main trio consisting of Piergiorgio Abba (keyboards), Bruno Lugaro (voice) and Fabio Sanfilippo (drums), now sees Mauro Brunzu as the official bass player, and once again makes of additional contributions by Monica Giovannini (choirs, backing vocals) and Daniele Ferro (guitars), the latter author in particular of beautiful solos that further enrich each song.

To the initial revolution, now an evolution follows; noteworthy improvements can in fact be highlighted on several aspects: songwriting, consistency and clarity of sound, production (always taken care by keyboardist Piergiorgio Abba) for a release that, starting from a base of symphonic progressive rock flows into a solid modern and personal heavy-prog. The past is now behind, for Nathan a new “Era” begins!

1.Figli di cane
3.Le vie dei canti
4.L’ultimo giro
5.L’ombra del falco
8.Esistono ore perfette