MICHELE CONTA – Endless Nights

Any Italian progressive rock passionate listener knows Locanda delle Fate very well, especially for their 1977 masterpiece “Forse le lucciole non si amano più”. Among the main songwriters of the band and of their unmatched first LP there was a then very young Michele Conta, a piano student at the conservatory of Alessandria.

Locanda delle Fate folded within a few years – and then reformed several times in the following decades – and, from that moment on, the artistic paths of Michele and the other musicians never crossed again. “Endless Nights” is therefore the first album containing Michele’s original compositions since the end of the experience Locanda delle Fate in the early ’80s. It took a very long time to complete this album but, on the other hand, its author had all the time and freedom necessary to take care of everything in detail, especially the choice of his collaborators and the recording studios: among the first we have Gavin Harrison on drums, while the legendary Abbey Road reign supreme amidst the latter!

“Endless Nights” reflects the sudden changes of the last 40-50 years, and its six tracks are the result of the encounter between the sensitivity and the elegance of an artist who personally experienced the golden age of prog-rock and the modernity and immediacy of rock and modern music productions; a record that is therefore born of a strong contrast, and consequently surprisingly balanced and thoughtful.

Papersleeve CD edition.

1.È nell’aria
2.With you on the walk of my life
3.Notte infinita
4.Growin’ up
5.In riva al mondo
6.Fiori nascosti