On the occasion of the Record Store Day 2017, AMS Records comes with three exclusive releases, including this 10-inch EP, sort of younger brother of the new Maxophone album “La fabbrica delle nuvole”, published in February.

“L’isola” is a unique composition, originally created in 1972 from the minds of a trio (Giuliani, Ravasini and Lorenzetti) who would soon give birth to Maxophone, authors of a wonderful eponymous debut a couple years later. The song lyrics were written by Adelio Cogliati, future lyricist of Eros Ramazzotti. The title comes from the curious fact that the rehearsal room in Milan where he was born the song was right in Via Isola.

This song appeared in its demo version in the 2005 boxset “From cocoon to butterfly”. “L’isola” has then been rearranged, performed in various concerts (it can be found, for example, in the recent “Live in Tokyo”) and perfected in several aspects: the rock sound, the piano embellishments by Sergio Lattuada and the use of harmonized voices in the choruses that give the song a strong impact. It actually feels like it has been written in recent times: in short, “L’isola” is an ‘old lady’ that carries its 45 years with great ease.

The B-side of this EP is occupied by the instrumental title-track of the new album “La fabbrica delle nuvole”, a piece characterized by very American rock rhythmic riffs, followed by an orchestral break and a full-fusion music canon that leads to two powerful solos (Lattuada-Tomasini), before returning to the initial theme: a perfect representation of the new band’s soul. Past and present meet here in a very natural way, fully expressing the group’s philosophy and passion for creating and making music: the music of Maxophone!


Side A:

Side B:
2.La fabbrica delle nuvole

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