MARCO MASONI – Il vero è nella memoria e nella fantasia

“Il vero è nella memoria e nella fantasia” (The truth is in memory and fantasy) is, seven years after his debut “Il Multiforme” (The Multiform), the second solo album by Marco Masoni, an important musician and author in the Italian neo-prog scene, thanks to various collaborations and his experience with Germinale between the ’90s and the beginning of the new millennium.

Marco Masoni wrote all music and lyrics – with some small exceptions: “Madre Pennuta” by Battisti / Panella, the ending of “Scrutatio” containing an excerpt from Mozart’s KV167 “Missa Sanctissima Trinitate”, the lyrics of “Multiforme” by Umberto Eco and those of “Alberi” by Carlo Striano. Masoni returns here with a mosaic of pieces that float among acoustic ballads and folk-prog sounds, in which his thoughts on today’s world contradictions and on the future that our children will inherit are unraveled. Among the numerous guests we find Maurizio Di Tollo (Hostsonaten, La Maschera di Cera) on drums and Gabriele Guidi (from the Tuscan prog-metallers Athena) on synthesizers.

Issued in the usual papersleeve CD format with a 16-page booklet, like a miniature gatefold LP, the album aesthetically presents itself with a front cover mosaic, created by artist Virginia Zanotti starting from a photograph of Masoni himself. “Il vero è nella memoria e nella fantasia” is a welcome and ‘multiform’ return, deeply thought and curated in any detail, further enriched by two bonus tracks, two new mixes of the songs “Catarsi part 2” and “Catarsi part 2” from Marco Masoni’s debut album.

1.Intro: Un mare di colori – Parte 1 (figli a conversazione)
2.La primavera (insiste, esiste, resiste)
3.Madre pennuta
5.Interludio: L’attesa – Parte I
6.Il tempo è un grande addensante
7.Gioia per gli occhi
9.Interludio: L’attesa – Parte II
12.Interludio: L’attesa – Parte III
13.Artemidoro, Fellini e i sogni
14.Coda: Un mare di colori – Parte 2 (figli a conversazione)

Bonus tracks:
15.Catarsi – Parte 2: Visioni in celebrazione (new mix)
16.Catarsi – Parte 3: L’interruttore (new mix)