Luciano Basso, pianist and composer, is a musician firmly linked to the world of Italian prog thanks to his first LP’s “Voci” (1976), “Cogli il giorno” (1978) and “Frammenti tonali” (1979); The first two have been reissued by AMS Records, who has also released his two most recent albums (“Free Fly”, 2007; “Open”, 2016). Today the collaboration with Luciano is finally renewed with this latest work, “To Tell”, a collection of original compositions for piano, violin and flute.

Unlike other much more prolific colleagues, Luciano Basso follows a long and scrupulous compositional method, pondering every single note and melody until the final result is fully satisfactory: “Every detail is direct communication, since these compositions are, in a sense, games of lights and shadows, emotions and reflections of complex contrapuntal songwriting. An agreement, the sound of a breath, a melody, a rhythmic variation govern the various changes; this is how each element becomes part of a complex structure and the different variations lead to a single and large movement”.

In this new chapter of his musical journey, Luciano is accompanied by Arturo Bertin on the 4-hand piano pieces, by Denis Garzotto on flute and by Jacopo Pisani on violin. Another little gem whose compositions, seemingly simple but meticulously crafted, highlight a ‘progressive’ approach to the writing process that has always distinguished this unique artist’s work

Papersleeve CD edition.

1 Un respiro 4:05
2 Danzando 4 5:08
3 Luc – Art 5:46
4 Remember 4:07
5 Free Fly 2 2:35
6 Folk Song 4:01
7 To Tell 4:56
8 Suoni di Pace 4:28
9 ‘76 5:21
10 Fandango 3:15
11 Riflessioni 3:52
12 Reverse 5:08