LEVIATHAN – Heartquake / Redux

“Heartquake / Redux” marks an important Italian Progressive Rock return, by a band that already in the 80s and 90s, with only three albums, left their mark inside a soaring scene, inspired by English new-prog bands such as Marillion, Pallas and IQ.

The five-man band from Rome had few resources at the time, but very clear ideas, and recorded a seminal debut in just five days, with the aim of keeping alive a musical genre as important as progressive rock. With the same spirit, Leviathan return today to take up their instruments with an excellent reboot of their debut album, due in the first place to the comeback of the band’s founder, singer and lyricist Alex Brunori, who also designed the beautiful artwork of this release. Together with the original members, also including Andrea Moneta (drums) and Andrea Amici (keyboards), we find two Italian Prog true stars, bassist Andrea Castelli and guitarist/producer Fabio Serra.

This reunion made it possible to re-record “Heartquake” with the care and attention to details that limited resources prevented at the time. The result is a timeless little gem that puts a band back in the game, already at work on the new album “Testudo”, conceived in 1990 but never actually made until now, and ready to return to playing live, where prog belongs!

1.The Waterproof Grave 4:06
2.Hellishade of Heavenue 8:42
3.Only Visiting this Planet 7:00
4.Up We Go! 7:04
5.Dream of the Cocoon 5:31
6.Heartquake 9:00

* * *

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