Il Paradiso degli Orchi (The Orcs’ Paradise) are a young band from Brescia, active since 2010. Their style is a crossover of different influences: progressive rock, psychedelia, pop, indie, singer-songwriter atmospheres, ethnic hints, electronica. They debuted in 2011 with a self-titled album and in 2014 they began working on a particular and courageous project. Meanwhile, they managed to meet the musician and producer Fabio Zuffanti (tutelary deity of the new Italian prog scene) who, fascinated by the project, has been working closely with the musicians to help them synthesize the ideas, define the songs, choose the right sounds and capture all the best on tape. The result of this process is “Il Corponauta”.

The album is a concept inspired by the eponymous book by Flavio Emer, a writer suffering from muscular dystrophy since his birth who, thanks to a computer, was able to turn his disability into communication. His ability to live the fantasy in a physical but not mental infirmity led him not only to write books but also to collaborate with Corriere della Sera, one of the most popular and important Italian newspapers. “Il Corponauta” – he says – “is the story of a thought that comes down from another planet and enters a disabled body, as a journalist; in the end, despite the spirit wants to go far away from the body limits, it eventually needs this ramshackle medium in order to produce something that can be conveyed to other people”.

Il Paradiso degli Orchi has masterfully moved Emer’s message into music and words, something that does not fear barriers. Sometimes the band’s adoration towards Yes comes out, some other times we seem to witness a jam between King Crimson and Perturbazione, or in places that remind us of Jethro Tull, The Flamig Lips, Muse and Ozric Tentacles. But these are just impressions: it is very difficult, in fact, to make a real comparison between Il Paradiso degli Orchi and other artists because this band is truly unique and original in these shining 79 minutes of music and sensitivity.

1.Il mondo dei pensieri
2.Il corponauta
6.Volare via
7.La Stanza dei Ricordi
8.Addio al corpo
9.Il volo
 Pt. 1 – Lento
 Pt. 2 – Desertica
 Pt. 3 – Petali di rose
11.Il gran finale

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