IL BACIO DELLA MEDUSA – Discesa agl’inferi d’un giovane amante

“Discesa agl’inferi d’un giovane amante” is the second album of the band, a concept album which is inspired by the story of Paolo and Francesca in Dante’s Divina Commedia and that slowly evolves into a dramatic and dreamlike journey of the protagonist who wanders in search of himself.

The band develops a very original musical and poetical way, enriched by the introduction of viola and violin – which give a classical orientation to the sound – and the piano, organ and vibraphone which create melodic tissue fluids from the beginning to the end of what can be defined as an initiatory path. The vocals are vibrant and inspired, the lines of flute, organ and guitar wrap and release the listener, dragged into a rhythmic thumping vortex.

“Discesa agl’inferi…” is a true modern simphonic rock opera: the band shows its audience to have reached full musical, compositional and artistic maturity. An exceptional record, reissued by AMS Records on 180gr. black vinyl, with gatefold sleeve.


Side A:
1.Preludio: il trapasso
2.Confessione d’un amante
3.La bestia ed il delirio
4.Recitativo: è nel buio che risplendono le stelle
5.Ricordi del supplizio
6.Nostalgia pentimento e rabbia

Side B:
7.Sudorazione a freddo sotto il chiaro di luna
9.E fu allora che dalle fiamme mi sorprese una calda brezza celeste
10.Nosce te ipsum: la bestia ringhia in noi
11.Corale per messa da requiem
12.Epilogo: conclusione della discesa agl’inferi d’un giovane amante