“Deus lo Vult” is the third album of BDM, a concept characterized by romantic and historical nuances that will conclude the trilogy. It tells the story of the unfortunate Umbrian nobleman Simplicio, who leaves his land, his home and his wife in search of glory, fortune and richness in the Holy Land at the time of the First Crusade.

Compared to the previous album the lyrics are much more raw and visionary, the sound is hard and tends to rock, sometimes heavy but tinged with shaded songwriting and sometimes ironic; this variety of solutions allows the music to fit the plot. The pressing structures of bass and drums support the acrobatics of flute, guitar, sax and organ, while the histrionic and powerful voice goes from mellow tones to those crackling in a wide range of interpretations in timbre. A mature album, which is direct and full of details. A human journey full of passion and blood with a really explosive finale!

Already issued by AMS Records on CD papersleeve (AMS 253 CD), this record is finally published on its fully appropriate format: a gatefold 180gr. black LP, and listeners will now be able to enjoy it even more than before, thanks to the unsurpassed vinyl audio quality and, from the visual point of view, to the marvellous cover painting that now shines in full details and shades.


Side A:
1.Invocazione alle Muse
2.Indignatio (Infedeli in Terra Santa)
3.Urbano II bandisce la Prima Crociata

Side B:
5.Deus Lo Vult
6.Verso Casa
7.Beffa (Non un Trono, Non un Regno… solo Sdegno)
8.Fire (Bonus track – tributo ad Arthur Brown)

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