First self-titled album of Italian Art Rock band Il Bacio della Medusa, that was formed in 2002 by Simone Cecchini (vocals, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitar), Federico Caprai (bass) and Diego Petrini (drums, keyboards).

In December 2003 Simone Brozzetti (guitar) and Eva Morelli (flute, sax) joined the band and in 2004 released this debut album, characterized by obscure and poetical lyrics combined with an intersting mix of hard rock, progressive, songwriting and ethnic/folk music. Heavy stoner riffs, fast-paced bass and drums are intertwined with emotionally engaging lyrics, dreamy melodies of flute and colored by interventions sparkling saxophone, organ and accordion.

The band’s style is unique and recognizable from the first album: the impressive variety of sounds of the issues addressed in the songs evoke a quick and kaleidoscopic succession of images, sensations and emotions in the listener.

The CD version contains the song “OrienteOccidente” recorded live in 2010 at Rockin’Umbria Festival.

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“Discesa agl’inferi d’un giovane amante” is the second album of the band, a concept album which is inspired by the story of Paolo and Francesca in Dante’s Divina Commedia and that slowly evolves into a dramatic and dreamlike journey of the protagonist who wanders in search of himself.

The band develops a very original musical and poetical way, enriched by the introduction of viola and violin – which give a classical orientation to the sound – and the piano, organ and vibraphone which create melodic tissue fluids from the beginning to the end of what can be defined as an initiatory path. The vocals are vibrant and inspired, the lines of flute, organ and guitar wrap and release the listener, dragged into a rhythmic thumping vortex.

“Discesa agl’inferi…” is a true modern simphonic rock opera: the band shows its audience to have reached full musical, compositional and artistic maturity.

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“Deus lo Vult” is the third album of BDM, a concept characterized by romantic and historical nuances that will conclude the trilogy. It tells the story of the unfortunate Umbrian nobleman Simplicio, who leaves his land, his home and his wife in search of glory, fortune and richness in the Holy Land at the time of the First Crusade.

Compared to the previous album the lyrics are much more raw and visionary, the sound is hard and tends to rock, sometimes heavy but tinged with shaded songwriting and sometimes ironic; this variety of solutions allows the music to fit the plot.
The pressing structures of bass and drums support the acrobatics of flute, guitar, sax and organ, while the histrionic and powerful voice goes from mellow tones to those crackling in a wide range of interpretations in timbre.

A mature album, which is direct and full of details. A human journey full of passion and blood with a really explosive finale!

This reissue is a remastered version of the first pressing, contains the song “Fire” (Arthur Brown) as a bonus track, and it’s presented in a completely renewed ‘pictorial’ graphic layout.

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