I CANCELLI DELLA MEMORIA – Tributo anni ’70 a Franco Battiato

The legendary tribute concert to Franco Battiato by Cancelli della Memoria, which has been held at the Teatro Dante in Castellanza on November 26th 2010, is finally released on CD and DVD. The group features musicians of the early historical works of Franco Battiato: Gianfranco D’Adda and Mario Dalla Stella, as well as newcomers such as Paolo “Ske” Botta (Yugen, Not a good sign), Mauro Galbersanini, Roberta Pagani and Carlo Cilibrasi.

The concert includes tracks from “Fetus”, almost everything from “Pollution” and “Sulle Corde di Aries”, and a song from “Clic”, the one from which the band takes its name; in a line up that reflects the original structure of the songs and keeping the vintage sounds, also thanks to the same Arp Odyssey 2600/eco Binson Echorec of the ’73 tour! At last, the subdivision of the sound effects has also been revived, with the passages in rotation from the channel from left to right, just as it used to be at that time.

The box-set, offered in a valuable gimmick package, contains a folded poster (23x35cm) with the flyer of Battiato’s Pollution concert held in Bologna in Piazza S. Stefano in 1972, and contains both CD and DVD version of Cancelli della Memoria’s concert (75 min.).
The video section also includes an outstanding 40-minute bonus with interviews to some of the protagonists of the ‘70 period with Franco Battiato; from the dear departed Gianni Mocchetti to Jutta Nienhaus (Analogy – hers is the voice in “Da Oriente a Occidente”), even arriving to the presence of the same Battiato who, together with Gianluigi Pezzera (sound engineer of Bla Bla), Gianfranco D’Adda (historical drummer and percussionist of Battiato of the Bla Bla period until ’85) and Mario “LP” Dalla Stella (historical drummer of Battiato of the ‘72/’73 tour and of “Pollution”) tells us facts and anecdotes of the wonderful ‘70s. Also Paolo Raimondi (scenes), who starred in the play Baby Sitter with Battiato in 1977, is present in the concert video.

1.Il mattino del giorno dopo
2.L’acqua purificatrice 1a parte
4.L’acqua purificatrice 2a parte
7.La bottega dei desideri
8.Supplica della vita all’uomo
10.Tentativo d’evasione
11.Crepuscolo (Tace)
12.Il mattino del giorno dopo (Il risveglio del cieco Tobia)
13.Omaggio al sole
14.Gran finale

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