GOBLIN – Rarities (FIlm Versions and Alternates) (RSD2023 Clear Yellow vinyl)

Straight from Goblin’s vast production archives, here is an exclusive collection of alternative versions, sometimes very different from the original tracks included in the official releases, of some of the band’s songs released from 1975 to 1982, from the legendary debut LP “Profondo Rosso” to “Tenebre”, passing through the extraordinary “Suspiria”, “Zombi” and “Phenomena” and the ‘hidden gems’ of “Patrick”, “Contamination” and “Buio Omega”.

“Rarities” is a new exclusive Record Store Day release whose alternative cuts highlight the sublime levels of creativity and compositional skills that the Goblin were gifted with, especially at the beginning of their career. Their sinister and gloomy atmospheres put the creeps, now as then, thanks to a timeless music that has inspired and still influences an impressive number of artists, from the 1980s to the present day!


Side A:
1 Death Dies (Film version) 2:43
2 Deep Shadows (Film version) 1:54
3 Suspiria (Celesta & bells) 1:34
4 Markos (Alternate version) 4:09
5 L’alba dei morti viventi (Alternate take) 5:19
6 Ai margini della follia (Alternate take) 3:37
7 Patrick (Alternate version) 3:01
8 Transmute (Alternate version) 4:11

Side B:
1 Buio Omega (Black Magic M1) 0:57
2 Buio Omega (Memorial, unused) 1:00
3 Fright (Alternate version) 3:23
4 Withy (Alternate version) 2:22
5 Phenomena (#5 – Piano and voice) 1:24
6 The Wind (Insects) 2:12
7 Tenebre (Film version) 0:56
8 Flashing (Film version) 2:43

A1, A2 from PROFONDO ROSSO, 1975
A3, A4 from SUSPIRIA, 1977
A5, A6 from ZOMBI, 1978
A7, A8 from PATRICK, 1978
B1, B2 from BUIO OMEGA, 1979
B3, B4 from CONTAMINATION, 1980
B5, B6 from PHENOMENA, 1985
B7, B8 from TENEBRE, 1982