GIORGIO GASLINI – Rivelazioni di un Maniaco Sessuale al Capo della Squadra Mobile OST (Yellow Vinyl)

“Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile” (best known internationally as “So sweet, so dead”) is a 1972 giallo film by Roberto Bianchi Montero, director of various other movies mainly belonging to the western and erotic genres; the latter is here mixed with thriller and noir, for a very good final result.

The soundtrack is here entrusted to the well-known pianist, arranger and composer Giorgio Gaslini (1929-2014); among the most important Italian jazz musicians of all time, he’s been quite prolific during his whole career, also in the vast field of soundtracks. In this case, he creates a memorable theme with a handful of notes and enriches it with typical 70s orchestral pop arrangements, adding an elegant touch with easy-listening jazz and lounge atmospheres. Overall, “Rivelazioni…” is a multi-genre music work in which mellow and romantic sounds coexist with more obscure and abstract ones, made with only string instruments and percussion.

Originally released in 1972, this soundtrack is now reissued on LP for the first time in over 50 years, in a yellow-coloured edition with audio remastered by Claudio Fuiano and five bonus tracks here released on vinyl for the first time ever!

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Side A:
1.Ciò che è scritto nel vento 2:56
2.Lamento (I) 1:44
3.Colori 5:00
4.Teneramente 1:13
5.Voce senza scampo 2:06
6.Domani forse 1:00
7.Frammenti 1:03
8.Tema del maniaco 3:19
9.Frammenti (II) 1:03
10.Lamento (II) 0:53

Side B:
1.Sorridendo 2:22
2.Ciò che è scritto nel vento (II) 1:44
3.Lievemente 2:22
4.Ricordando 1:34
5.Finale 1:48
6.Tema del maniaco (II) 1:28 *
7.Ciò che è scritto nel vento (III) 2:08 *
8.Domani forse (II) 1:56 *
9.Colori (II) 2:50 *
10.Ciò che è scritto nel vento (IV) 2:24 *

* bonus tracks