FABIO CINTI E ALESSANDRO RUSSO – Guardate com’è rossa la sua bocca

AMS Records proudly presents the fruit of a unique collaboration between two songwriters, composers and music producers, with profound knowledge of the production of artists who have written important pages in the history of Italian music: Fabio Cinti (vocals) and Alessandro Russo (Piano). The duo here reinterprets in a personal and unique way a selection of compositions by Angelo Branduardi, an artist whose style draws on fairy-tale and epic atmospheres, transposed into music by combining specific lyrical writing and metrics, often with a strong poetic impact, with arrangements and harmonic constructions rich in references to the past.

This unprecedented reinterpretation of an accurate selection of Branduardi’s songs pursues a classic and rigorous approach to the subject, made of pure interpretation, with the aim of bringing out the true intimate essence of these compositions; the songs are always more important than the performance, never the other way around. “Guarda com’è rossa la sua bocca” (which literally translates as “Look how red is her mouth”) – from a verse of the song “Sotto il tiglio” (Under the Lime Tree) – is carefully crafted in every aspect, including the minimal and elegant graphic design, perfectly reflecting the musical content of this work.

The album has been recorded and mixed by Cristopher Bacco at Studio 2 in Padua, and has been mastered by Andrea De Bernardi at Eleven Mastering in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy). Executive production by M.V.A. Productions and by Matthias Scheller for AMS Records.

CD digipack edition / Liner notes by Fabio Zuffanti.

* * *

1 Il dono del cervo 3:37
2 Fou de love 5:17
3 Sotto il tiglio 2:26
4 La luna 5:02
5 Casanova 3:36
6 Confessioni di un malandrino 5:30
7 La volpe 3:43
8 Alla fiera dell’est 5:09