Ergot Project is the brainchild of Sardinian bassist and producer Christian Marras: it’s a ‘collective’ open to various artistic expressions, meant to have as its sole purpose the total creative anarchy in the creation of new musical productions.

Ergot Project is therefore a kind of ‘factory’ where the working group, directed and supervised by Christian Marras, varies continuously as needed, allowing to expand the boundaries of art and sound experimentation. On this occasion Ergot Project consists of Christian Marras (Chapman Stick and art direction), Daniela Pes (vocals), Richard Nieddu (guitars), Daniele Pala (drums), Roberto Schirru (drums, synth and programming), Eros Cristiani (Fender Rhodes, synths and programming), Andrea Pica (mix and mastering). The artwork was made by Ombretta Salis.

Curiosity and the desire to deconstruct some historical songs by The Beatles has led to the release of the Project’s debut album, “Beat-less”, in yet another demonstration of the fact that the Fab Four’s compositions are timeless works, that can be adapted and arranged in any musical context. Despite its name, this record finds in the beat, intended as ‘rhythm’, one of its strengths. Melodies and choruses remain perfectly recognizable of course, but everything that revolves around them has been completely revisited in a very personal heavy-electro-prog key. An unexpected and interesting tribute, which amazes at each listen!

1.Come together
2.Tomorrow never knows
3.Dear Prudence
4.Helter Skelter
6.While my guitar gently weeps
7.Norwegian wood
8.Happiness is a warm gun
9.I want you (she’s so heavy)

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