DEELAY – Deelay

“Deelay” is the self-titled debut album of a surprising trio from Rome, Italy, consisting of musicians Dario Esposito, Federico Procopio and Roberto Lo Monaco: three session-men and music experimenters whose main instruments are drums, guitar and bass respectively. Their names are probably not well known to the average progressive-rock listener, – except for Dario Esposito, who already worked with Il Balletto di Bronzo – but, as guest musicians, they have gathered a high experience on an international level; the same experience has today finally poured into the eight tracks of their first record.

“Deelay” is a transversal album, complex, layered, full of unexpected stylistic changes, collectively written by the trio and born of improvisations that have subsequently been structured into songs; entirely instrumental, based on the contrast that comes from the succession of different atmospheres and dynamics, “Deelay” sees very different genres such as progressive rock, fusion, ambient music and post-rock blend harmoniously. Odd times, polymetrics, and a lot of research on the sounds of individual music instruments create an album that is technically complex and perfectly enjoyable at the same time, where emotion and feeling prevail over the technique itself. The grooves and interweaving of the various individual instruments effects result in a kaleidoscope that shows the incredible potential of this group and casts a solid foundation for any unpredictable future evolution.

Deelay are the latest discovery of AMS Records, in an artistic path that always puts quality before quantity.

CD papersleeve edition.

4.Astral Projection
5.Apocalypse in Three Steps
6.Man Tra
7.Rough Landing

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