DEDALUS – Le Ricordanze / The Complete Recordings 1973-2015

Less known to the Italian prog fans than many other far more acclaimed colleagues, the Piedmontese band Dedalus are among the most daring acts – and hence, progressive in the truest sense of the word – of the ’70s, especially during the first half of the decade, the one that saw them releasing their first two LP’s “Dedalus” and “Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico”. While the first album was mainly based on jazz-rock coordinates, similar in style to Perigeo, the following work marked a strong break with the past; in a word: avant-garde. We’re therefore not afraid to place those years’ Dedalus on the same level of courage and experimentation of Demetrio Stratos’ better known Area.

The two LP mentioned are just a part of this deluxe box-set that, in a graphic design that recalls the historical cover of “Materiali per…”, contains Dedalus’ entire studio production, under any line-up of theirs, from their origins to 2015. Thus, collectors will be delighted to know that the almost impossible to find “Pezzi ’75 -76” and “Pia Visione”, in addition to the unreleased “Pezzi ’94”, the 13-minute recent “Dedalus-Ricercare n.1” and “Due estratti dal Concerto al Palasport di Torino (1 maggio 1975)” are present here. The latter is actually a live recording, but gives the idea of what was like to attend a Dedalus’ concert in their maximum peak era.

The audio portion, distributed over four CD’s, is augmented by a visual and narrative side: the box-set in fact contains also a real book that tells the history of the group, from the point of view of the main protagonists themselves, all seasoned with a series of previously unseen photographs. “Le Ricordanze” is, in conclusion, the definitive document and celebration of one of the most creative bands that came out from the Italian music scene.


CD 1
Dedalus (LP, 1973)

CD 2
Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico (LP, 1974)
Due estratti dal concerto al Palasport di Torino del 1° maggio 1975
Pezzi ’75-76 pt. 1

CD 3
Pezzi ’75-76 pt. 2
Pezzi ’94 pt. 1
Dedalus-Ricercare n.1 (2015)

CD 4
Pezzi ’94 pt. 2
Pia visione (CD, 1997)

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