Among the names that no Italian prog enthusiast can do without we undoubtedly have the legendary Dalton, a band that in the early ’70s left an indelible mark with the LP’s “Riflessioni: Idea d’Infinito” and “Argitari”. Their voice, guitar and one of the main composers was – and still is – Aronne Cereda, author of the recent “Memories” published by AMS Records in September 2017.

It seems that, thanks to that release, Aronne is now enjoying a second artistic youth, a fact proven by this new work that, after more than four decades, shows once again the name Dalton on the cover; this album sees in fact the collaboration of long-time members Alex Chiesa (flute, bagpipes, didgeridoo), Rino Limonta (bass) and Giancarlo Brambilla (keyboards). But the real ‘new thing’ here is the presence of a new singer and guitarist, in the person of Nicoletta Gentile, who wrote a full song, co-wrote another four ones and also took part in some of the album arrangements. “Eden” also features Eva Morelli from Il Bacio della Medusa (playing the flute in “Giardino dell’Eden” and “Guarda il Vento”) and Fabio Zuffanti as artistic director in “Guarda il vento”.

In “Eden”, alongside the songwriting, folk and Celtic sides already present in “Memories”, echoes of ’70s progressive rock come back, unmistakably: an indelible sign of an era, that only those who have lived those years in first person can faithfully bring back to life; in particular, the songs “Giardino dell’Eden” and “La forza di Dio” will delight those who never forgot about Dalton, and still listen to their first two LP’s regularly.

Available in the following formats: CD, LP, limited signed edition red-coloured vinyl, MC.

1.Eden – Preludio
2.Guarda il vento
3.Una ragione di più
4.L’altro Eden
5.Passi lenti
6.Giardino dell’Eden
7.La forza di Dio
8.Ordinaria follia
9.Stessa lezione
10.Una danza per Claudia