BIGLIETTO PER L’INFERNO – Vivi. Lotta. Pensa. [CD]

BIGLIETTO PER L’INFERNO returns to the scene of Prog (and more…) with a new CD, suggestively entitled “VIVI. LOTTA. PENSA.” (Live. Fight. Think.).

Once again the band’s effort focuses on the recovery of the old Biglietto’s tracks from the ’70s, in particular from their second LP “Il tempo della semina”; the tracklist also includes the brand new song “Narciso e Boccadoro” and “L’amico suicida”, the latter taken from the legendary eponymous 1974 record.

For those who mind about definitions, this is the band’s maturity record, of those intentions already revealed in their previous effort “Tra l’assurdo e la ragione” and now brought to completion through a long process of elaboration and improvement: the sounds mix, the most varied timbres and the individual musicians’ diversities come together in an even more full and harmonious way, in the re-creation of a new ambitious product that aims to realize and actualize the meaning of the word “PROG”: music that goes on, progresses, matures and does not only look back.

Listeners will judge value of Biglietto’s music; that of the presentation will be immediately evident instead, thanks to Marco Menaballi’s work, who interpreted the album title exhortation with a powerful and robust graphics, giving this product an added value and an overwhelming visual impact.

1.Vivi lotta pensa
2.Narciso e Boccadoro
3.La canzone del padre
4.Mente Solamente
5.L’amico suicida

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