ASIA MINOR – Crossing the Line


“Crossing the Line” is the second album by Asia Minor, a cult band of the progressive rock scene founded by two Turkish students living in Paris, Setrak Bakirel and Erik Tekeli, who are still part today of the line-up that has recently released, yet on AMS Records, the album “Points of Libration” (2020, AMSLP164 / AMS326CD).

“Crossing the Line” was released in 1979 and as the following “Between Flesh and Divine”, exception made for some keyboard sounds, emanates a deep early ‘70s progressive rock feeling, as very few others were able to make in those years. An already mature debut for the band, here officially a trio (Setrak Bakirel – vocals, guitar, bass / Eril Tekeli – flute, guitar, bass / Lionel Beltrami – drums) with Nick Vicente guest on keyboards, who were capable of forging a complex but beautifully flowing record, upheld by an incredibly solid rhythmic section and characterised by a perfect interchange between between enthralling and energetic moments and dreamy, ‘Canterburian’ atmospheres.

This release completes the series of Asia Minor’s back catalogue reissues, after the recent re-edition of “Between Flesh and Divine”. Another essential record, available as 180gr. yellow vinyl inside a gatefold cover with new inner artwork and as papersleeve CD. Audio remastered in June 2021 at Dominique Blanc-Francard’s Labomatic Studios.

Cover design: Camille Bakirel / Cover layout: Chouchane Bakirel.

Tracklist LP:
A1 Preface 04:25
A2 Mahzun Gözler 08:18
A3 Mystic Dance 01:44
A4 Misfortune 04:42
B1 Landscape 04:03
B2 Visions 05:44
B3 Without Stir 01:53
B4 Hayal Dolu Günler Için 04:47
B5 Postface 02:14

Tracklist CD:
1 Preface 04:25
2 Mahzun Gözler 08:18
3 Mystic Dance 01:44
4 Misfortune 04:42
5 Landscape 04:03
6 Visions 05:44
7 Without Stir 01:53
8 Hayal Dolu Günler Için 04:47
9 Postface 02:14