ARONNE – Memories

“Memories” is a collection of snapshots, frames, recollections, dedications from Aronne Cereda to his wife Claudia, who sadly left us prematurely in the summer of 2016.

Even the less experienced Italian prog listener has probably already recognized Aronne as the singer and guitarist of legendary Dalton, a band that in the early 70’s left an indelible mark with two LP’s, “Riflessioni: idea d’infinito” and “Argitari”. Aronne then collaborated with Paciana Story in “Anima Pop” (1975) and released a solo album (“Vivo !!!”, 1977), and eventually took part, at the beginning of the new millennium, to a short-lived reunion of Dalton themselves.

“Memories”, in addition to being a heartfelt and inspired mosaic of songwriting, folk and Celtic flavoured fragments (“Una danza per Claudia”, “Amazing Grace”), is the first official return for Aronne Cereda after many, many silent years. Sometimes these fragments are played by just piano (“Breathe no more”, “In memory of Claudia”) or guitar and voice (“Un profumo di nuovo”, “Omaggio”, “Se avessi un paio d’ali”), but so honest and genuine that the long decades that have passed since the seventies seem to have never existed.

1.Una danza per Claudia
2.Un profumo di nuovo
3.Amazing grace
4.Non si può volare
5.Stessa lezione
7.Breathe no more
9.A che serve una vela
10.Se avessi un paio d’ali
11.In memory of Claudia

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