ARCHANGEL – Third Warning

Archangel is the pseudonym behind which hides Gabriele Manzini, Ubi Maior’s keyboardist (from 1998 to today) and ex-member of The Watch (from 2000 to 2005). In 2009 he made his debut with “The Akallabeth”, a hard-progressive-folk work inspired by Tolkien’s creations, followed in 2013 by “Tales of Love and Blood”, an album with gothic metal and ’80s new wave contaminations.

As usual, this record sees the participation of various guest musicians. Vocals are entrusted to the expressive voice of Giancarlo Padula, singer of the excellent band The Forty Days. The rhythm section is supported by long-time music partner Davide Martinelli on drums and Walter Gualtiero Gorreri on bass, while guitars are played by Alessandro Dovì, Stefano Mancarella and Marcella Arganese (respectively past and current guitarist in Ubi Maior’s line-up).

With this third work, Archangel evolves and further changes his style: while still being influenced by Genesis, especially from the “A Trick of the Tail” era, it also takes inspiration from Alan Parsons Project and Mike Oldfield in terms of production and sound atmosphere. “Third Warning” is therefore a mature and well thought-out work, balanced between the classic progressive rock nostalgia and more modern and immediate music ideas and solutions.

Papersleeve CD edition.

1.Technological Anguish
2.Metal Into Brain
3.The Last Days of Beauty
5.The End of the World
6.Storm Over St. Andrew’s Churchyard
7.Circle of Life
8.When the Eagle Hung His Head