OFFICINA MECCANICA – La Follia del Mimo di Fuoco

The songs collected in this release constitute one of the most stunning Italian prog discovery from the seventies! A real must-have for any Italian Progressive Rock lovers, from a band that never had the opportunity to release a proper LP back in the Seventies.

Officina Meccanica were more than simple musicians, since their shows were actual theatrical performances that amazed the audience, with singer Luciano Maiozzi who used to act as a mime during the instrumental sections of the songs (therefore the title “La follia del mimo di fuoco”, The madness of the fire mime). The band only managed to release some 45rpm’s before splitting up at the end of the decade; it’s a real pity, since they were really talented and skilled, and deserved a lot more attention.

Already released on papersleeve CD format in 2007 (now sold-out), this rare and exclusive material is now reissued on LP in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.


Side A:
1.Bambini innocenti
2.Primo turno
3.Via Non Esiste

Side B:
4.Nel grattacielo di idee il pensiero più alto è la pazzia
5.Il viaggio di un uomo non più uomo nella valle del tempo